The National Security Education Program Scholarships

The National Security Education Program (NSEP) provides scholarships for US citizens to study abroad  in exchange for a service obligation to a Federal agency with a national security mission (State, Homeland Security, Defense Department or the IC).   The scholarships are available for study in any country except Western Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

The Boren Scholars Program provides funding for academic year (and some summer programs) for undergraduate students.   The application process is coordinated through campus representatives (usually the Study Abroad Advisor) on campuses nationwide.   The campus deadlines are as early as mid January with the final deadline to the Boren administrator (the Institute of International Education or IIE) of 5 February.
The Boren Fellows Program provides funding for graduate students who are combining language study with their major.  The deadline for the Fellows program is 28 January.
Additional information can be found at with a list of campus representatives at
This is a great opportunity for students to study Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and other mission critical languages.
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